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Advisory & Management

One of the primary functions of CTA is to make the administrative aspects of the conduct of clinical trials simpler and more efficient. Delays in the start up of clinical trials often bear a significant cost to sponsor companies.

In Australia, the close involvement of trial sites in the preparation and submission of trial documentation to HRECs requires the processing of documentation at different departments and sometimes among sites, which in turn requires consolidated central coordination and project management to avoid significant delays. These delays can often result from late submission of documents, lack of compliance with specific HREC requirements, or delays associated with query resolution.

CTA works in partnership with sponsors throughout the trial, particularly during the crucial ethics review period to perform, manage and streamline administrative activities, thus promoting the start-up and successful running of clinical trials. The central management of these activities by CTA increases the activity scope and quality for sponsors, while minimising the number of lines of communication.

CTA has over 100 experts from a wide-range of specialties including: immunology, receptor biology, signal transduction, cell cycle regulation, molecular oncology, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, angiogenesis, cancer vaccines, biologics, proteomics, and bioinformatics.

CTA’s pool of scientific, clinical and logistical resources provides sponsors with:

  • consolidated scientific support (e.g. review of preclinical data by key opinion leaders, protocol preparation);
  • logistics advice (e.g. feasibility feedback, timeline estimations);
  • maximised patient recruitment (e.g. cross-referrals among sites, close centralised management of accruals throughout the trial).

The services provided by CTA are:




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