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Cancer Trials Australia (CTA) is a Melbourne-based not-for-profit service organisation that conducts cancer clinical trials on behalf of investigators and sponsors, namely biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. We also specialise in providing research governance and advisory services. As a member-based organisation comprising research institutes, hospitals, and health organisations we have access to a diverse range of expertise and technology.

The current members are:



Each of our member institutions is headed by a Director (Member Site Directors), who acts as the primary point of contact for the involvment of the member institution in the clinical network.

As we grow we will continue to add other centres of excellence, from all around Australia, in response to the needs of our customers.

Our headquarters are located in Parkville, Melbourne. CTA is overseen by a board of directors who are responsible for creation of the strategic positioning of the organisation, corporate governance and the management of the chief executive officer.

CTA arose out of a centre for developmental cancer therapeutics (CDCT) that was formed in 1993, by a small group of medical oncologists who wanted to conduct clinical trials with cytokines developed by Professor Don Metcalf and colleagues at The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute. Today, CTA still helps member investigators evaluate new medicines conceived in their laboratory as well as running clinical trials for investigators & research organisations.

As a not-for-profit organisation with tax-deductible gift recipient status, CTA can apply for grants from Government and NGOs to help fund its work. Donations from individuals and corporations are also highly valued.

One of our goals is to grow our member base in order to provide patients with greater access to clinical trials and enable more centres to access investigational agents. The Victorian Cancer Agency has been instrumental in providing financial support to help us achieve this objective.

CTA believe we have a vital role to play in ensuring the understanding of the clinical trial regulatory environment is of high standard and staff operate in a proficient manner, and in encouraging training of the next generation of talented and knowledgeable staff. To this end, we offer scholarships annually to promising oncologists, clinical trial nurses and health professionals who wish to obtain a Specialist Certificate in Clinical Research (Oncology).

We are an associate member of Bio21 , which ensures we are able to take an active role in building Victoria’s biotechnology strengths, and an affiliate of The University of Melbourne, which allows intellectual interaction within the academic arena where many of our founding members have faculty positions.

For enquiries in regard to membership, please click here.

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