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CTA aim to be the best partner for cancer clinical trials by focussing on quality and timelines at a reasonable cost, while striving to reduce waste and duplication of resources and efforts. We have been conducting clinical trials under the international guidelines of good clinical practice and the Australian Therapeutics Goods Agency Regulations for the Conduct of Investigational Agents since 1993. CTA has conducted national and international studies with many different molecules from small chemical cytotoxic agents to biological agents that include antibodies and therapeutic vaccines.

Three core values underline our business:
Innovation – CTA believes in investing in the latest technology that can expedite trial results. CTA also values its innovative minds that are creating advanced IT systems to streamline project management and research governance.

Collaboration – This is key to achieving CTA’s goals. From our member research organizations and hospitals, CTA brings together talented investigators and clinicians to ensure that a CTA-designed trial delivers accurate and timely results. Collaboration also allows efficient use of all the laboratory equipment that is spread over the various sites.

Reputation – Maintaining an excellent reputation is fundamental to the success of CTA. We operate with the highest ethical standards and believe our extensive expertise, experience, and ability to reliably conduct quality clinical trials cost-effectively underpins our success.

Since our inception, CTA have carried out almost 1000 trials and recruited over 10 000 patients. Our experience, expertise and cost effectiveness are reflected in our repeat business and the profiles of the clients we attract.

Read what our customers and members have to say about us:

Other customers who use CTA services include:


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CTA has many experienced investigators on whom it can call to review a new trial feasibility. They are given ten days to provide CTA feedback for the requesting sponsor.

In addition to all that CTA has to offer, you will benefit from Australia’s unique regulatory environment that enables first in human trials to be initiated under the clinical trial notification (CTN) process, which is a fraction of the cost of other Government’s regulatory processes and a lot quicker. Approximately 95% of all clinical trials in Australia are approved by the CTN route.

The CTN process is based on receiving an approval by the appropriate Human Research & Ethics Committee (HRECs), rather than by going through Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (the body equivalent to the USA’s FDA). HRECs operate under NHMRC guidelines and will inform the TGA of successful applications.

Applications for HREC meetings are called with three weeks notice and there is then a 30 day feedback. This means that it is possible to receive approval to initiate a new trial in less than 60 days from submission of data.

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