Multisite Coordination
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Multisite Coordination

To obtain the benefits of a clinical trial network the processess and communication must be in place to ensure a “one stop shop philosophy”. CTA has its own management team responsible for:


  • Compiling regulatory documents to obtain institutional ethics approvals at each participating sites.
  • Assemble budgets, legal agreements and indemnities on behalf of the members so that a sponsor need only deal with core entity.
  • Coordinate invoicing and disbursement of fees from sponsor to member institutes.
  • Monitor patient accruals versus sponsor targets.
  • Process amendments during or prior to a clinical trial.
  • Coordinate collection of serious adverse event reports (SAE)
Mutual Acceptance Program

“Time to approval” and trial initiation can be a long process for a multisite trial. CTA has a mutual recognition process in place with six of its clinical sites and close management/coordination with the other 5. As a result an approval to undertake a study at one member site is recognised within 10 days at other accepting sites.


CTA supplies sponsors with advice on progress of their regulatory documents to obtain approval and post approval, patient accrual reports.These are issued every 2 weeks.

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